• “Your complete development package from project inception to completion”

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  • “Legal; Environmental; Planning and Development Management”

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  • “Your complete development package from project inception to completion”

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  • “Legal; Environmental; Planning and Development Management”

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Development focus

Development feasibility and due diligence assessments • Planning permissions • Environmental approvals (including water & waste) • 'Land and environmental legal' address • Land survey data and registration • Engineering services agreements and certificates • Mining permissions, environmental approvals; and rights • Statutory compliance • Project management • National and International environmental law and compliance • IEMS (National and International Environmental Standards assessments, registration and compliance) • environmental auditing

In respect of:

Residential Estates • Eco-Estates • Lodges • Industrial Parks • Commercial stands • Office Parks • Commercial Centres • Formal Townships • Conservation & Protected Areas • Eco-tourism • Rural Development • Mining • Renewable Resources • Clean Energy • Earth and Environment • Marine and Coastal


Land-owners & Lessees • Developers • Private sector • Corporate sector • Industrial sector • Mining Industry • Renewable Resource exploration • Government • International Donor organisations • Financial institutions • Traditional Authorities • Tribal and Rural Community entities • NGOs • Conservation entities


Development Feasibility assessments • Development facilitation; Development authorisations (approvals; permissions; licenses; certificates; rights; decisions) • Project administration • Institutional engagement and coordination • Community facilitation • Project co-ordination • Procedural management • Project implementation and compliance  • Legal assessments (statutory; land and environment) • Legal advice and drafting • Environmental assessments; Integrated Environmental Management Systems and Environmental audits


Project feasibility assessment

Analysis and report on project feasibility including base-line review of:
  • Statutory and regulatory planning controls, incl. Municipal IDP and SDF compliance
  • Availability of services (electricity, water, sewage, waste, roads, storm-water)
  • Engineering factors
  • Geo-technical considerations
  • Environmental issues
  • Land legal restrictions
  • Need and desirability
  • Recommendations

Project facilitation

  • In consultation with and upon instructions from client, identification and formal appointment of professional team
  • Implementation and management of agreed professionals' scopes of work
  • Liaison with professionals and third parties (incl. Government departments and stakeholders) in supporting capacity
  • Monitoring of professionals' performance, incl. nature, timing and extent of attendances (including invoicing)
  • Management of all prescribed regulatory processes and procedures
  • Coordinating and vetting the compilation of all development tenders and applications
  • Monitoring submissions and time-frames
  • Reporting to client.

'Land legal' address and compliance

Identification, assessment and advice on:
  • Enabling and restrictive legislation and policy
  • Property title deeds
  • Conditions of title
  • Land claims and land tenure
  • Conveyancing certificates
  • Land use agreements, resolutions, and associated contracts (incl. drafting)
  • The establishment and declaration of conservation and protected areas
  • Drafting of community-based joint venture agreements for eco-tourism and lodge development purposes

Planning permissions

  • GIS input and diagrammatic data
  • Rezoning and sub-division applications
  • Layout designs in compliance with planning controls, IDP and SDF regulations and policy
  • Planning applications and supporting application documents (environmental, engineering, municipal resolutions, land legal)
  • Application and representation to the competent authorities under the relevant planning legislation and policy
  • Compilation and submission of relevant application documents
  • Formal presentation to the decision-making authorities

Environmental approvals

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Mining permit and mining right applications
  • Specialist environmental studies
  • Environmental management plans
  • Environmental compliance and control
  • Environmental legal advice
  • Water use licences and permissions
  • Waste management compliance and certificates
  • Marine and coastal management
  • National and international environmental compliance and control
  • Environmental auditing

Land audit/survey and associated diagrammatic representation

  • Restrictive conditions of title, incl. servitudes and rights of way, GIS; mapping, survey, diagrams
  • Framing of general plans
  • Beaconing
  • Submission, approval and registration of plans

Engineering services agreements and certificates

  • Geotechnical reports
  • Engineering reports
  • Mining reports
  • Engineering designs and drawings
  • Services agreements
  • Completion certificates

Rural Development

  • Community and stakeholder facilitation
  • Establishment and registration of Community Trusts and associated legal entities
  • Drafting business plans and land use agreements
  • Facilitating and drafting Government co-management agreements
  • Facilitating and drafting joint venture agreements
  • Drafting business plans, agreements and contracts
  • Facilitating and implementing public, private partnerships
  • Drafting lease agreements (state land)
  • Securing development approvals

Mining Permits and Rights

  • Assessing mining permit and mining right applications
  • Preparing associated Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Drafting environmental management plans (EMP)
  • Facilitation, submission and monitoring of mining applications through Government, stakeholders and third parties
  • Advising, designing, registering and implementing national and international environmental management programmes and systems.